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Reaching a Deal

Litigation Support




D2CG's experienced staff provides years of knowledge and experience in the support of contentious, disputed, and litigated files; assisting and supporting both in house counsel as well as outside counsel in the preparation, presentation, and/or defense of disputed & contentious property cases. Our seasoned and tested staff of professionals conducts accurate and thorough field inspections (both pre-and post-construction) and forensic examinations of invoices, documents, specifications and plans to provide in-depth analyses that allow the client to efficiently and effectively determine the cause, solution, and estimated costs to make educated decisions associated with defensible corrective actions. D2CG professionals have been court qualified as experts in the areas of building damage evaluation, cost estimating and construction project scheduling. Our consultants are committed to providing the same diligence and care regardless of the size of the case.

D2CG provides the following litigation and dispute resolution services in support of our clients:

  • Expert and Fact Witness Testimony

  • Trial Preparation

  • Subrogation Support

  • Document Review

  • Construction Cost Estimating & Evaluation

  • Cost Auditing and Analysis

  • Change Order Review & Analysis

  • Construction Scheduling / Period of Restoration (POR) Analysis

  • Construction Drawing and Specification Review

  • Construction Defect Analysis

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